Comment on the pipeline sabotage

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The claim that Russians destroyed their own pipelines merits no serious discussion. I submit the following evidence.

Putin’s passport found in the sea, near the ground zero!

The second most likely explanation, based on historical patterns, are rogue elements within US/UK intelligence and military, possibly with the involvement of continental NATO components. These are extremist right-wing groups within the military who work semi-independently. 9/11 was planned and executed in the same way. The work is done on the premise of “plausible deniability”, the command structure is informal and leaves no paper trail. One could call it conspiracy, though this type of criminal off-the-record activity is so common that that term seems misplaced. What is special this time is that it was our own energy infrastructure that was targeted.

As to the question of why they did it, my guess is to deprive the Germans of negotiated solutions or exit ramps. The German industry is now fully aware of the consequences of its regime’s actions. I suspect that a true regime change in Germany was a real possibility.

Much more important than who did it or why are the implications. For me, personally, this was the point where the page in history was turned. The old world no longer exists, it cannot be resurrected, and we are fast moving towards the next. The conflict is devouring us.

One issue is that we are approaching a turning point where the Europan populations will face the consequences of its regime’s insanity. Destroying the economic arteries of Europe, especially Germany, is no longer an abstraction. And if I am not mistaken, no gas is currently flowing into Italy either.

Much of the terror instigated by our regime around the world is still invisible and an abstraction to the sleeping domestic populations. Yes, the media talks about some possible troubles ahead, but I feel not many are taking these warnings seriously. These issues are viewed as abstractions. Lives are filled with ordinary everyday challenges. Here in Italy people casually assume the new prime minister can change something, to improve our lives. The price of electricity is going up, but people reduce consumption and think of the phenomenon as transient. “Tomorrow it’s going to be all ok.” But blowing up the two main gas pipelines is no longer an abstraction. This is physical reality, here at home. And many if not almost everybody understands that it was done by somebody supposed to be our ally. And no, Russians did not do it.

I have no idea what will happen when the consequences become all too obvious. I still believe that, unless we retreat, this will lead into chaos and EU disintegration.

Many American commentators find it astonishing that the European populations aren’t doing anything. There is this idea that we are just blindly following what the masters in Washington are telling us. But the reason for our apathy is we are not seeing the full effects yet.

Or let’s put it more accurately: we do see some of the consequences, but we can still think it’s all going to get fixed by our benevolent and omnipotent rulers. That’s what they tell us, and remember, if there is anything that defines us Europeans it is our unwavering and naive trust in the authorities. So, although it is true that the European populations are domesticated and docile to a very high degree, we don’t know what will happen when the real trouble begins that threatens people’s everyday lives and which the authorities are not able to fix, assuming the escalation continues. My sense is that everything will change.

I want to reiterate that European populations are not willing or able to go into war. They are not willing to sacrifice. They have very little idea about what’s going on in Ukraine, and very little real passion for the topic. Waving a flag or presenting a twitter handle is not real passion. If we ask anybody if they are willing to lose their job or pension for Ukraine’s cause, they’d rather not. In fact, no way, not under any circumstances.

Too much spinning

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My head is spinning. I don’t have the cognitive bandwidth to analyze what’s happening. It’s too fast, too chaotic. There is no way to pursue truth. The constant, desperate, hysterical lies are impenetrable.

We cannot assume that those who make key decisions are rational. I don’t even know who is making the key decisions in Washington. Biden is demented.

I think that the West is trying to create a casus belli for the war. It has been trying for months now.

By saying war, I don’t mean firing missiles or sending troops at the Russians, although that is one possibility, instead what I mean is that West needs to go into a war emergency in order to proceed with the economic collapse, control its own populations and pretend that it can still win, even under the most extreme conditions. It needs a pretext. What it needs is the Russians to fire at us. So we have the economic collapse proceeding side-by-side with the escalation.

What the casus belli is does not matter. They could use the Nord Stream sabotage, obviously done by rogue elements within the West, perhaps another sabotage somewhere, or detonate a small nuclear warhead somewhere. They will find a Russian passport in pristine condition inside the nuclear fireball and declare that Russians did it. The regime has been trying to create a nuclear catastrophe in Ukraine for months. The media has been claiming that Russians are shelling themselves inside a nuclear facility they control — shelling by using US weapons. The level of this stuff is just unbelievable.

In an extreme case, perhaps Washington has decided to try a nuclear blitz against Moscow, although I consider this option to be the least likely, at least until the situation is completely desperate. There are people in the administration, extremists called neocons, who would do this. Pentagon would try to prevent it. Nevertheless, the level of nuclear rhetoric has increased to a level suggesting the second option. Several western countries have asked their citizens to leave Russia. One MSM newspaper, can’t remember which, mentioned that the US administration has been sending nuclear warnings to Russia for several months now. That is very worrying but also telling.

A war emergency will allow NATO to take command of the whole West, including Europe, that would then be controlled by a NATO military junta. It would also isolate the West from the rest of the world.

Then they just let the financial Ponzi scheme to collapse, or perhaps declare default and say that the old system is gone. Banks would close. After all, what can you do, it’s war.

In the best possible scenario, there would be no real war — this would be a hysterical media event, like the pandemic — and the rest of the world could go on peacefully. This is the V for Vendetta scenario.

The option for peace still exists, but it looks less likely every passing day. Washington is escalating. Russia is winning, soon it gains enormous territories, resources and people. Perhaps the regime will invent another hoax or crisis to transport the Teletubbies into the next “current thing”, but this too looks unlikely.

Remember this? What next?

The worst scenario is that Washington has decided on the nuclear blitz as an off-ramp. Their official war doctrine allows for a “limited” nuclear war that they assume to be winnable. It’s not winnable.

Yet another alternative is that the EU dissolves before or during this transformation. I cannot see how Hungary would set itself on a war path against Russia. The new regime here in Italy will. Nations within the idiot belt, including Finland, will also. They will get destroyed, by the economic forces alone. But right now, what the EU does is irrelevant. It is floating helplessly in these winds of change. This is a life and death battle between Russia/China and the imperial regime in Washington.

From the economic point of view, we are reaching a point where printing more money in the context of rising prices will be the only option to avoid national insolvencies. This is happening in the UK as we speak. They resorted again to printing — there is nothing else left now. Either way, market confidence will be gone.

I must emphasize that if and when the western nations can no longer borrow money with low interest rates, they will become insolvent. If and when central banks resume massive money printing, market confidence will be gone, and the result will the same.

My assumption has been for many years that we have to go through this transformation, and I am therefore already looking for or trying to imagine a future when it’s all over, the regime is gone, and we could resume normal life. I’m trying to see signs of that future but can’t see anything. Our civilization is too sick.

But imagine a world where the lying media will be gone. All gone. Nobody is pursuing, at least for a few decades, world hegemony. People are sovereign, EU tyranny will be gone. There are no hoaxes and crises designed to destroy and disturb human lives and prosperity. This is what a normal, decent world looks like. I was living in one as a young man, in the 1980s and 1990s. It will return one day. Whether I will be alive to witness it, a different matter. My children will.

One option eliminated, two to go

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In a move that came to me as a surprise, the four eastern regions in Ukraine will organize immediate national referendums for joining the Russian Federation.

Although it was well-known that such referendums had been planned, I was surprised that they are imminent. I thought they would take place only after Donbass had been liberated.

This is quite significant. Once the eastern regions join the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and the West, will be at war against Russia. This allows Russia to do anything to defend itself, as it will be under direct attack. Putin repeated that he will use nuclear weapons if needed. A partial mobilization has been declared. Any nation that is under direct attack would do these things.

We have established completely new parameters for this conflict.

In my framework, elucidated in several earlier blogs, this takes the “second option” out of the table. The second option was that Europe sleepwalks over the cliff by sustaining the proxy war while letting its economies to die. This analysis was based on the idea that we have been paralyzed economically and politically, unable to do anything, or make any decisions either way. These referendums, and what follows, will make this option impossible. Russia, in a sense, made the critical decision for us. This leaves the two options: (1) negotiation and peace and (2) war. China is calling for (1).

Our answer will be formulated in Washington. Option (1) would likely mean a wholesale and humiliating defeat of the West, while (2) would mean nuclear annihilation of the mainland US. Neither looks attractive from Washington’s perspective, so the situation is unpredictable.

The best option for Washington would be a limited war that involves Europe only, but it looks difficult to accomplish. It requires Poland, Baltics and Finland to open a conventional war front against Russia. Nuclear powers, such as France or UK, cannot declare war. It is not clear to me if these nuclear powers can sustain even a proxy war under these new parameters. Russia can nuke them. Therefore, by this move, no doubt planned, Russia is forcing the West to show its hand.

Even a conventional war in Europe would be devastating. Lights would go off immediately. There are no troops, no industrial war production. Our societies cannot be unplugged from their high-tech infrastructure, complex logistic chains and energy resources. There is no real appetite for war. The world created around us by the media is a complete lie, a hologram, so a real war would come as a shock for most of the pampered populations who live like narcoleptic pet animals waiting for their vaccines and government bonuses.

Russia is communication that it is no longer interested in the West. French President Macron’s calls to Kremlin went unanswered.

If I had to guess, and if we take the nuclear war option out of the table, then I would say that perhaps the US just withdraws from the whole mess by relying on another internal hoax, such as MAGA terrorism, and dumps Europe to deal with this mess alone. The latter would then disintegrate. But my guess is no better than yours.

I will make a few observations.

Given the new parameters, the era of talking and posturing is now over. What Ursula or any other bureaucrat pontificates has no relevance. There is nothing they can do: all sanctions failed, they cannot wage real war, Europe is sinking fast, they do not control the independent nation states, while Russia means serious business and is calling their bluff. They put us and themselves into a hopeless position. Either they retract, option (1), or they force everybody with them into oblivion, option (2). I don’t see anything else on the plate. Talking accomplishes nothing.

And the process of emergency nationalization of our economy, described in an earlier blog, is already beginning. It will lead into more misery and chaos, for reasons I’ll explain in another post.

The criminal regime is threatening and blackmailing Hungary, which is suddenly declared an “autocracy.” The term “autocracy” here means a sovereign nation that does not follow the orders from Brussels. In this way, the regime is showing its true face. See how desperate it is, trying to keep the package from disintegrating? But I wonder if anybody is listening.

I think that, when it comes to our economic future, we perhaps no longer have any. The regime – its delusional leaders and docile public – have destroyed the prosperity built by previous generations. Industries, wealth, talent, productivity and creative will move out. German factories will relocate to Hungary, Serbia, perhaps Turkey.

I also view these events as a slow process where the general population, who have been living inside a matrix of lies, is now gently pushed back to face the reality. At this point, there is a general uneasy feeling that things aren’t going that well. The old world is gone. This feeling will intensify as the reality — that the emperor has no clothes — is emerging behind the shadows of decades of lies. Propaganda becomes harder to sustain.

It was always clear to me that the regime is going to implode. It was on an unsustainable path, led by delusional morons with its subjects kept completely in the dark of what was taking place in the real world. All this destruction must happen so that something new can emerge. If the EU disintegrates — fingers crossed! — then the European nation states will be sovereign again, and people in many of them, free from this horrible tyranny.

More pandemic narrative from the Italian media

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I begin this post by declaring that I wish to follow all community guidelines and think that the vaccines are very safe and totally effective. What follows is a product of my imagination and constitutes speculation.

Vaccines are a great transhumanistic product. Photo by Pixabay on

I listen to music from a small radio every day. Yes, radio. But this forces me to listen hourly news broadcasts from the regime controlling Italy where I live. And can you believe that every day and every hour they still report on the pandemic infection and death numbers. Why?

What follows is my analysis of where we stand today with the pandemic hoax.

Let’s consider first what has happened. The pandemic disappeared when the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin, found a cure in February. The pathogen spreads through mass media, which allowed Putin to halt the transmission by flooding the medium with his own content.

Before the Russian Special Military Operation began, Italy was living through a nightmare. Nobody had any idea of where the regime was going to take us. The end game was unknown, perhaps still is. Almost all normal freedoms had been taken away. I was living in a prison, ready to escape at any moment. People were losing their minds. We had all our passports, luggage and plans ready for an emergency exit. I remember asking my wife to make sure that we still had a safe passage out of the country.

Once Putin’s military operation was underway, however, there followed a brief moment of chaos, after which the pandemic narrative gave away and withered away. They could not sustain the project, even thought there was no change in any of the relevant medical conditions. People’s attention drifted so that now it is completely absent from our everyday lives and discussions. I rarely see masked people outside. So, there was no disease of any concern, it was all in the media.

Except that, as I just pointed out, the media is still keeping it alive. Moreover, new garbage vaccine products are pushed out. The latest was tested, absurdly, on just eight mice – without any control group. This part of the project is, therefore, very much alive. It is as reckless and criminal as it ever was. In Canada, the medical tyrant Trudeau threatened Canadians with new restrictions unless they inject more experimental garbage into their bodies. The idea apparently is that everybody should inject themselves once or twice every year. You would have to be completely crazy to do that. I don’t know if they will try something similar here. I don’t care anymore if they do.

When the project began, EU placed an order for ten injections per person. We therefore understood at once that an endless mass vaccination campaign was in the cards. This is at the very core of the whole pandemic hoax. What we are seeing here, therefore, is just a continuation of the original plan. My suspicion was, and is, that mass vaccination was one of the original goals of the project. They are simply following the original script, although the external circumstances have changed in a way they could not and cannot control. The original script calls for annual or biannual mandatory vaccinations for every living human being on the planet.

Consider the fact that the EU and other western democracies have just put the wellbeing of all their citizens in jeopardy by cutting us off from cheap energy resources. They want to literally flatten us, as pontificated by the president of the EU commission. It cannot then be that they are concerned with “hospital resources,” as claimed by Trudeau when he motivated the next round of vax terror. The whole claim looks ridiculous. They clearly do not care about any resources, let alone hospital resources. What they want is as many people as possible to take as many experimental vaccines as possible, for reasons that we don’t yet understand fully.

I follow the scientific research and policy positions evolving around this tragedy. We are still in the reverse pandemic phase. Let’s consider a few pertinent issues.

The excess death phenomenon I discussed in so many blogs earlier has become such a massive phenomenon that both the mainstream media and government officials have now been forced to recognize it. They just “cannot understand” why people are dying, although we and they know perfectly well why. The beginning of the mass dying event cooccurs with the start of the mass medical experiment everywhere. The correlation is perfect.

In Finnish, where the phenomenon is also clearly visible, a professor from the Institute of Disease and Suffering or whatever it is called (“THL”) was interviewed about the issue in a MSM newspaper. His main message was that we “don’t know” why Finns are dying in record numbers but no need to worry. Why to worry if people die of unknown reasons? By refusing to address the issue he tacitly acknowledges that he knows what is going on but must remain silent.

The key issue now is the trajectory of the mass dying event. If the event doesn’t show any signs of disappearing, or becomes more intense, then we must extrapolate that most or all victims of the experiment are going to die. There is a simple explanation of why this could occur. The product causes damage to blood circulation that can become progressively more severe, leading to the “sudden adult death syndrome” where previously health people die without warning. Once we come to terms with this reality, it will be at least possible to try to find a cure. On the other hand, if the dying from these so-called unknown causes begins to taper off, we would conclude that this was just one of the many adverse side effects of the product. The experiment is ongoing.

We are also seeing dramatic collapse in fertility, perhaps as much as 15% in some countries, again cooccurring with the beginning of the campaign. We do not yet know how steep this drop will be, and whether it is permanent or temporary. We will know quite soon, when the next reports came in. If I had to speculate, I would guess this to be the intended effect of the campaign. There were some signs during the early period pointing towards this possibility, but I will return to them if fertility keeps dropping.

When we try to understand and sort out the reasons behind this event, it is important to make several distinctions. The first is how to explain the behavior of the Finnish health official and others like him who just “do not know” what is going on and never considered that there was a problem in trying to force the whole nation into a medical experiment with a completely unknown and unproven gene manipulation product. The template here is Adolf Eichmann, the German bureaucrat who was involved in the logistics of the final solution in the 1930s. He just couldn’t see any wrongdoing because the logistics problems were in his collectively accepted job description and consequently determined his career opportunities in the system he was working in. And did he know what was actually happening to his victims? The Finnish officials who participated and still participate in the grotesque vax campaign are in the same situation. They are not going to see any wrongdoing, because luring the victims to inject themselves with the experimental product was simply in their collective job description and determined their career prospects.

Remember when they claimed that by taking one “safe and effective” injection you would be safe, and the pandemic be over? How could they have known when the produce was experimental? But guess what happened when things did not go that way? They just, by magic, forgot they ever promised any of these things. And then invented, out of the blue, a new claim according to which the product will save you, for a few months, from a more severe form of the disease. There is currently no convincing evidence for this proposition either. On the contrary, I’ve seen several scientific papers showing that the risk/benefit ratio of the product is horrible, especially for children and healthy adults. Are the Finnish health officials going to follow these papers? Of course not. They will not be able to “understand” them until their own career prospects align with such understanding. This phenomenon – the banality of evil – is a big part of what’s going on. Vaccine administration was simply part of their job description, not an open parameter.

It is not just money and career opportunities. Just consider the normal trajectory of human life in the west today. Once you graduate into a profession and get the first paycheck you will normally extrapolate and buy as big house as possible with as big mortgage any bank would give, given the projected income up to the retirement and possibly beyond. Then you post images of your possession into Facebook. This is basically the template for human life today. Once this happens, however, you are forced to do whatever the collective wants to pay you to do. Otherwise, the bank will take it all away. Thus, the health officials, with their big mansions and mortgages, just cannot possibly “understand” what is going on until the whole train reverses direction.

While useful idiots constitute an important part of the narrative, there are those who planned it and whose interests it serves. Those interests are material and ideological. I don’t think we understand them clearly, although there is much speculation. Let me just point out two things. First, although the mRNA technology was new, this was not because it hadn’t been researched, but rather because the technology is so bad that no viable vaccine products had emerged. It seems to me, therefore, that there were people, perhaps only few selected people, who had a relatively good grasp of what these products would likely do when injected into humans long before anything was tested on any clinical trial. It is possible that these secondary effects were the real intended effect or perhaps one of them. In addition, the pharmaceuticals knew of the adverse effects already in 2020, yet still went ahead and tried to conceal them. Human health was not the concern.

The second point is that, as time has progressed, it has become clear that the campaign was supervised on political grounds, not by medical concerns. Many medical advisory boards involved in the pandemic planning and execution had not been populated by medical professionals, but by political commissars of the transnational regime, such as Mario Draghi here in Italy, who is a banker and represents western capital. So, by the evidence we have today, it is clear that at the very high level both ideological and political interests were involved. What they were, we will hopefully find out soon.

Relentless war propaganda

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Western war propaganda machine has gone into overdrive. Why?

In February 2022, when the Russian special military operation began, the western US/NATO regime launched a preplanned sanctions blitzkrieg with the explicit intention of decimating Russia’s economy. These actions followed a preplanned script, written and published by RAND Corporation among others, whose strategic goal was, and is, to breakup Russia, take control of its vast natural resources, and then destroy China.  This is not controversial. The plan has existed for a long time, as explained by Putin himself: “For many decades the Western countries systematically nurtured the idea of bringing about the collapse of the Soviet Union, of historical Russia and of Russia as such as its core,” said during a recent press briefing in Samarkand.

I mention this just to point out that there was no plan to destroy western economies. The point was to destroy Russia. Our current downward spiral came to be because we lost the sanctions war that we were supposed to win.

Moreover, the fact that this will result in the destruction of the living standards in Europe and the transfer of European wealth into US is just a factor that made the gambit useful from the point of view of the Washington and its strategists. Europeans do not reach the level of intelligence required for strategic thinking.

The behavior of the western oligarchy is guided by soulless material greed and ideological delusions. It’s better not to posit anything more sophisticated than that.

The background for this catastrophic misjudgment was, in turn, hubris: the assumption, first formulated during the 1990s, that we must rule the world. The plans were also based on the wrong assumption that Russia is like Libya and could be destabilized easily. Most importantly, the rest of the world did not play along, and sided with the Eurasian future lead by the Russia/China helix, who are at least offering a different and much better vision for our future. And that will be the future: these tectonic changes cannot be reversed.

There is no future where we return to the world of the 1990s. I predict that the transformation out of the current era will be complete in the next summer.

But during this process, last summer, our leaders realized that the sanctions had failed. There is nothing the European Union can do. They are currently sanctioning underaged children of Russian politicians. What do we see here? The emperor has no clothes. It is standing before us completely naked.

Ursula’s constant rage and ravings in Brussels has absolutely no impact on anything. She’s a radicalized and unhinged doll.

She has only one important mission left: to disappear forever.

But because the sanctions war is a dead end, and is quickly destroying the west itself, the regime has no other choice than to either quietly extract itself from the skirmish in Ukraine and invent a new hoax, or to pretend that the war can still be won at the battlefield after everything else has failed. Thus, if the sanctions did not work, maybe Ukraine’s ultranationalists could march into Moscow? The regime obviously decided to go with that option. Thus, and because Ukraine lost the war long time ago, the propaganda machine must be running day and night. It produces war propaganda for the western morons, trying to make them believe that we can destroy a nuclear superpower in the battlefield. It’s obviously a total illusion. A plankton couldn’t believe it.

Ukraine lost the war long time ago. The war goes on only due to western support, weapons and money. It’s a NATO/Russia proxy war. This is the second reason for the relentless media campaign. The failed sanctions war is beginning to exert a significant toll on people in western Europe, and the worst is still to come. Therefore, in order to keep the slaughter going and people in a docile hypnosis, the media is trying to keep the morale up by conjuring fantasies of triumphs, major victories, and the immediate and complete Russian surrender.

This also explains why the best strategy for the rest of the world is just to wait for the west to wither away. After that, the war in Ukraine will be over.

You must apply cynical logic when reading western media: assume the exact opposite. What is broadcasted is exactly what is not true yet what the regime wants you to believe. Ukraine is not winning the war. If they were, the media would broadcast something else, some other lie or hoax. There would be no reason to fill pages and airwaves with stories of Ukraine’s victories if people could see such a thing by their own eyes.

The real danger here is that, as the situation for Ukraine and the West becomes more desperate by the day, they have only one option left: to escalate.

Russia’s and China’s interests are the opposite, however. Thus, if you read Russian (English) media, there are no signs of panic or hysteria anywhere. The allied army is methodologically and systematically destroying Ukraine’s military as the latter keeps coming at it. Thus, Putin remarked that the Russian military is “moving at a slow pace, but systematically and gradually. The Russian army is taking ever more territories step by step.” Moreover, they are “not fighting with our whole army, we are fighting there with only part of it.” Do you see here any signs of panic or imminent Russian collapse?

This is also the real reason Russia hasn’t targeted Ukraine with its full destructive force. Kremlin could blow up the whole country into outer space in one hour. If Ukraine’s military ventures into Russia, they will be decimated. The whole business of “defeating Russia” is a fantasy. Of course, were Russia for some reason pushed into thinking that a defeat is imminent, it would use its nuclear arsenal. US would do that same, as would any nation in possession of such weapons. A nuclear superpower simply cannot be defeated in the battlefield.

I’m worried that the western ruling class, which has been radicalized and is obsessed with very dark and ghoulish cogitations, decides to take us to the war path. There are unhinged and reckless people in Europe and Washington capable of making such a suicidal decision.

European extremism

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I haven’t really followed the ongoing NATO-Russia proxy war in Ukraine, as I don’t understand Russian and therefore cannot access or evaluate primary sources, and I have no serious military background either.

I did notice, however, that during recent weeks the amount of agitation coming through has increased and is part of the reason I now take the position that a wider war is a possibility. I will elaborate on the last point here.

The western regime incited a civil war at Russia’s borders in Ukraine, which began to reach its first violent climax this year after Kiev increased the shelling of the Russian-speaking separatist regions in the east, with a likely follow-up being an immediate invasion. Around 14000 civilians had been killed there since the 2014 coup. At this point, Russia took matters into its own hands and pre-empted the plan, as, I think, is required by the Russian constitution. The Special Miliary Operation was launched.

Was this action justified? The question is: if a hostile power shells your cities and villages, what are your rights? My view is that you have the right to eliminate the threat. Western commentators would no doubt disagree and feel that Russia’s actions were “unprovoked.” I am sure however that, whether the action is justified or not, if Brussels were shelled Ursula would not feel unprovoked.

All this was preceded by a last attempt by Russia to solve the issue in a peaceful way: the 2021 peace proposal that the West/NATO rejected. In connection with that proposal, Kremlin informed the West that the alternative is “military-technical,” which is where we are today. Recall that, prior to this last peace initiative, there were also the Minsk protocols aimed at the same solution. (I originally interpreted the phrase “military-technical” to mean parity in nuclear posture, as I wrote in my blog, but that was of course wrong.)

So, despite all Russia’s efforts, war was, in the end, inevitable. I think Russia was fully aware of this – and has been over a decade – and this is why they were well prepared and why all our sanctions and other hostile actions have failed so spectacularly.

But my point here is that the same logic still applies.

Kremlin will not tolerate a NATO-backed, extremely hostile force at its borders ruled by an extremist ultranationalist regime seeking nuclear weapons and constantly shelling and terrorizing Russia’s villages and cities. They have communicated in no uncertain things that this is unacceptable. And for a good reason. The West/NATO trainwreck constitutes an existential threat not only to Russia, but at this point also to the rest of the world. China, and many other nations, knows this.

This means that Russia will use tactical and/or strategic nuclear missiles if necessary. Putin once stated, paraphrasing, that a world without Russia cannot exist. He means that if Russia’s existence is threatened, so will be everybody else’s.

The western regime, steered here in the EU by the radicalized monster Ursula von der Leyen, has, in my view, now made the exact same conclusion. After all the sanctions bravado failed, it has decided it cannot lose “whatever the voter say,” as stated by one of the regime’s radicalized leaders in Germany. It could retract and negotiate for a peace, but I see no evidence this is happening despite the enormous costs and suffering this will potentially bring to the European citizenry. Instead, all the news we get suggests that the radicalized Ursula and her whole green/liberal regime has decided to take us further: escalating and on a trajectory to the tragic end. But to what end, if Russia, with its nuclear arsenal, will never yield?

I want to emphasize that, no matter what you think of Russia, Putin or Ursula, this a recipe for mutual destruction.

So as the radicalized West/NATO/Ukraine escalates the conflict at Russia’s borders, Russia will retaliate symmetrically. This morning I found that Russia has destroyed in retaliation and to prevent further escalation many electric power systems in Ukraine. Remember that the original purpose of the SMO was to protect the lives of the Russians and Russian-speaking people in eastern Ukraine by demilitarizing Ukraine proper, not to conquer or destroy the whole country. Remember that right after the invasion there was a small window of opportunity, sabotaged by UK, for reaching an immediate negotiated solution. But also vice versa holds: Russia’s operation will automatically expand to match all our escalations, even if it means nuclear weapons. So, I repeat: what are we trying to accomplish?

Russia is still involved in several commercial activities that keep our societies functioning but can withdraw at once. So why are we escalating and sending weapons to kill more Russians? What are we trying to accomplish by provoking a nuclear superpower with immense arsenal of destruction in its hands? A rational person must come to only one conclusion: we have been radicalized. We behave like an out-of-control extremist seeking a last effort suicide attack before exit to the promised paradise.

But no, it is unlikely that this thing will go directly into a strategic nuclear exchange. The US will not risk that. Perhaps the destruction of Europe could be accepted for Washington if it meant Russia would get wiped out as well, but this objective — a replay of the two previous world wars — is not attainable. What is more likely is that some of these provocations, symmetric responses or fabricated or real incidents will lead the West to declare that it is in war emergency, after which the monster Ursula will assume emergency powers “in consultation with the member states,” and Biden does the same in the US, and the current era of western liberalism, democracy, elections and freedom (whatever that ever meant) finally comes to an end and is replaced by war mobilization masking the ongoing economic collapse that the ruling elite has itself caused. We would then be in a permanent war with the rest of the world, Russia and China in particular. The Cold War in reverse.

It is still possible, of course, that this winter’s economic downward spiral creates enough civil unrest here in Europe for the extremist regime to fall or the EU to dissolve peacefully. I see this as the most optimistic scenario imaginable. We would then return to the 2021 proposal, withdraw NATO missiles away from Russia’s borders, and the gas would flow again.

Regardless, the old world is gone and something new is in the process of emerging.

Ursula wants to flatten everything

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The head of the European side of the transnational regime, Ursula von der Leyen, came out and declared her intentions to “flatten the curve”. This time, she wants to deprive her subjects of energy, not just basic medical freedoms or bodily autonomy. Since all human activity runs on energy, the bottom line is she now wants to flatten everything.

Before saying anything else, let me just point out again that she, as an unelected bureaucrat, has no right whatsoever to flatten anything. Nobody has voted for her, she is not responsible for her actions for any constituency, political party or movement. Nobody has voted for this. She is an unelected tyrant of the transnational globalist regime that is sucking resources from you in order to wrestle control over the vast natural resources of Russia, China, and the rest of the world.

It is, moreover, not possible to “flatten” energy consumption without extreme violence. You will have to separate people from their livelihoods (industries, work, movement) and everyday lives (cooking, driving, warming the home). There is no extra energy anywhere that can be “flattened” by magic. Printing money and handing it over to people without energy will accomplish nothing. Shutting down industries will bankrupt them, or else you put their workers and investors at peril. It not possible to just “pause” whole swaths of industries, as suggested recently by some literal moron working in the German so-called government.

The fact that Ursula is on a rampage again shows how much the EU bureaucracy — the Commission and real puppet masters behind the curtain — would like to take control of the whole European Union and transform it into a grotesque tyranny where one woman, or a faceless unelected council behind the curtain, can issue diktats with catastrophic consequences. There is a very active campaign going on right now for giving dictatorial emergency powers to the unelected Commission, and my assessment of the situation is that something like this is indeed now baked into the cake. The problem, though, is that as things now stand all political actions trace to the national governments who still control the enforcement side, hence my opinion that for the Commission to finalize the coup they must create some type of EU-wide secret police or army, possible under some type of “climate authority” or “war emergency authority”, that is not under the control of national governments. It is unclear if they can succeed. My sense is that, without war and total chaos, they cannot. It would be impossible for the Europan populations to accept to get arrested by “police” that is controlled by Brussels.

But this whole issue relates crucially to another that I have been writing about, namely the three possible outcomes of the regime’s struggle for its survival: (1) negotiation and retread (best option), (2) sleepwalking over the cliff (worse), or (3) war (worst). The regime is clearly, by proposing to flatten everything, opting to stay alive by going against the rest (soon 90%) of the world, and thus following a strategy that has elements from both the second item and the third. I am increasingly starting to believe that this struggle is one that the west cannot afford to lose or has decided to see to the end — after all, everybody is aware that we and our monetary system are collapsing — and is therefore ready to do “whatever it takes,” to borrow Mario Draghi’s words. This time, though, it takes more than just endless money printing.

I sense that Kremlin, and Russians at large, are aware of this dynamic. For some time now they have been reacting fairly passively to our aggression and provocations in Ukraine and elsewhere, while trying at the same time to build the new world architecture with the rest of the world outside of the west’s sadistic sanctions and unhinged violence. They are all forced to do this after we weaponized our financial system that served as the basis for international trade but can no longer function. It has been my view from the beginning that the Russians are no longer interested in what we do or say; they are ready to move on and are waiting for us to wither away (freeze, starve, deindustrialize). But the other side of this is that they are fully aware, and fully prepared, for the eventuality that NATO, or perhaps a few nations inside NATO, will launch an indirect or direct war in its last violent, desperate act. What our regime is doing, and what Ursula is communicating here, is that we will not give up no matter what. No matter how much ordinary Europeans have to suffer, no matter how many lives and livelihoods will have to get flattened, they will take us to the end.

From this point of view, the intensification of the conflict will provide a perfect opportunity for the coup. The EU might declare itself to be at war, and then flatten everything on such basis. This would be preceded by breaking up all diplomatic relations with Russia, perhaps also with China. It would also be preceded by a hysterical hate speech and dehumanization campaign against the enemy, which, I am afraid, is already the sad reality.

The forces involved in this struggle are enormous. The conflict can no longer be contained inside Ukraine. Ursula’s proposal to flatten Europe is just small part of this process where the titanic struggle consumes us all, much like it did during the previous world wars. How the European pampered and feminized populations will react to this spillover, however, remains unknown. And this is why I remain optimistic. I still believe that the more likely outcome of this struggle is the dissolution of the west and its wrecked regime. Ordinary people are not ready for war.

Winter is coming, they say

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As the prospects for any kind of policy reversal diminish, we are potentially facing the wholesale bankruptcy of the European Union. Although this is just one of the possible outcomes, every passing day takes us closer and closer to the ultimate hard landing.

All economic activity runs on energy; as energy resources become scarce, economic activity too becomes scarce. Private citizens, businesses and, in the end, whole nations, can no longer meet their financial obligations.

This is not, therefore, a gentle downshifting into a green utopia peddled by the docile populations and the delusional oligarchy, but rather a systemic breakup that occurs because our real future would be disconnected from the future we assumed.

Because the reset is systemic, and concerns the whole union, massive defaults cannot and will not be allowed to occur. You should not depict this event as an ordinary bankruptcy.

The regime will first react by printing money. It has done this for the last fifteen years. As I am writing this, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Austria and Switzerland have already started the process. Others will follow.

Printing money to handle rising prices everywhere – the dynamic that was at play in the Weimar republic one hundred years ago – will not turn the lights on. It is the exact wrong solution.

But the desperate regime is printing money in order to remain in power, not to create prosperity. It doesn’t have any concerns for anybody’s wellbeing. It doesn’t do this because it thinks it will lead into future prosperity. Its sole modus operandi is survival. It’s buying time and hoping for a miracle.

But this problem cannot be contained by bailing out few things here and there. Energy is everywhere; everything is ultimately leveraged on energy. The root problem is systemic and threatens to spill over into a full financial crisis: financial institutions, after all, are the counterparties of the failed obligations. The creditors are as exposed as are the debtors. And our obligations, debts, are monstrous.

If the problems were smaller, creditors would just collect collateral (e.g., take possession of your home if you can’t service your mortgage). This cannot happen, not at least in an orderly way, if the problem is systemic. Banks and other financial institutions are cogs in the same machine and cannot vacuum everything around them as collateral and pretend to keep going. A bank cannot swallow its host nation.

Furthermore, we have solved (or, pretended to solve) this issue by printing money for the last fifteen years, and are today at the end of the road. I don’t think we can continue on this path much longer. Printing will come to an end either because of rising interest rates or by rising prices. Currently, both are occurring.

This leaves just two options: rule by diktat or a bailout by an external entity, such as the IMF. I don’t believe that the second option is viable, not anymore. Ultimately it just means printing more money, lots of it, without no hard resources backing anything up. I therefore think that, as the chaos intensifies, the EU regime and its vassal states will have to take the whole energy market, and then all economic activity, under political control. This takes us from the market economy, where a bankruptcy would have occurred, into a ruinous centrally planned socialized economy, where the rules of the market and standard accounting no longer matter and are replaced by fantasies concocted by Ursula von der Leyen. At that point we would have disconnected completely from the planned or assumed future.

I have no idea what will happen under these conditions to the liabilities and assets that have been marked into everybody’s books. Perhaps there will be a declaration of emergency that freezes all accounting, temporarily at first, then permanently. This would mean capital controls and such. Another possibility is that the regime morphs into a (short-lived) full tyranny and swallows everything. The regime doesn’t care as long as it can stay in power. International trade, including energy trade, would become difficult, because it is not under our control; my view is that the rest of the world will eventually force us into a new monetary system.

But what is clear is that if the EU morphs into a centrally planned soviet-style managed economy steered by wholly incompetent morons, we would all be living under unpredictable, impoverished and harsh conditions. A perfect motto would be, “You will own nothing and be unhappy.” I think people will have to rely on local resources as the central governments lose control and cannot offer any real solutions.

It is against this context that I think the whole union, and the current regime, will eventually dissipate. EU does not have army or police, and it cannot force its diktats to the individual nations. It can do such things where it doesn’t (seem to) matter, but when it comes to heating/not heating your home, or feeding/not feeding your children, nobody will want to hear what Ursula has to say. She doesn’t have the means to enforce anything, and she doesn’t have any solutions even if there would be an audience. That being so, I am unable to imagine a future where all individual EU nations could somehow follow the same path and simply negotiate for common solutions proposed by the unelected commission let alone its diabolically incompetent president. What I can imagine is a future with a lot of regime change, disagreement, civil unrest and chaos, followed by a quiet dissipation of the whole absurd and doomed turd.

Travel restrictions and other collective punishments

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The European criminal regime is proceeding with its plan to ban Russians from travelling into EU. At this point we are proposing restrictions, not an outright ban, but this will later morph into a full reversed iron curtain.

The EU and the West is isolating itself (and is being isolated) from the international community of the world’s remaining 90% of nations and people who want to prosper and live in peace without our bombs and sadistic sanctions, now hitting the poorest countries especially hard.

Travel restrictions or an outright ban constitute a form of collective punishment, which refers to a principle whereby some group is punished for an alleged crime done by some member(s) of the group.

For example, if my children are punished because I write critical blogs, this would count as a collective punishment.

Or, if all Finnish children are punished because their fathers participated in the invasion and sadistic destruction of Afghanistan, as they did, that would count as another.

Collective punishment is illegal and immoral. Regardless, this is what we stand for.

I am not surprised. The fact that the EU regime, especially some of the vassal statelets such as the Baltic nations and Finland, are moving into this direction, supports my long-held view that we are dealing with a criminal enterprise falling into barbarism. This is just another step in our civilization’s long march into darkness when its own illusions and hubris confronts the reality, and its own physical limitations and deep cultural-intellectual degeneration. Barbarism is a system where brute force, violence and might, not laws or human rights, regulates all interactions.

Russians should counter by welcoming all Europeans with open arms to Russia. They should not retaliate but do the opposite. Replace barbarism with humanity; hate with tolerance.

There are many other, clear signs of the same theme. One is the constant stream of visceral hate speech and conspiracy theories floating in media, social media and in the statements of the regime’s leaders. Culture will get saturated with fear and hate, and then morphs into soulless wreck.

But there is a strong counterforce: the regime is not providing anything positive for its subjects. On the contrary, only an “end of abundance” and “wartime economy.” We are currently looking at a wholesale bankruptcy of the whole European Union, no less. To create an economically viable and successful society based on barbarism the population at large has to support the regime and its ideology of hate. But because support is vanishing, at least for now, we are dealing with a wretched uncivilization destined to disappear from history.

G7 nations propose a price cap on oil and who knows what else

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What should we think of the “price cap” on Russian oil or gas, as announced recently by the regime?

So that’s like going to a shop and declaring that you won’t buy anything unless the price is reduced by half? “Well then don’t buy,” will be the answer. Is that it? I don’t get it.

But I have ceased to take these pontifications seriously. I would normally say that the idea is ludicrous, but this time I won’t bother to say even that. My sense is that regime is rapidly losing control of the unfolding events.

And people will quickly understand what has transpired. They will take matters into their own hands, realizing that the government has imploded.

I don’t imply that there will be an immediate revolt or revolution. Rather, they will begin to ignore the talking heads in the television, realizing that what they say no longer matters. This will take us towards a third world state where the government becomes more distant even if it exhibits more tyrannical traits. People will (have to) survive on their own, and with the help of families, friends and communities. Rules will be ignored, taxes and bills will not be paid. The actual parameters of survival will depend on the location and other circumstances, but these price caps and other such gibberish will be regarded as noise.

And what I have in mind here is not an apocalyptic Mad Max scenario where everything collapses to its footprint. It’s just to point out that we are dealing with external events – the rest of the world ceasing to dance to our tune – that the regime cannot control. I pointed out in an earlier post that what happens to us now is up to the Russians, and other nations. I believe that’s the case.

Another problem is that one of the defining features of the current regime is its megalomanic assumption that it has the right to rule the rest of the world. Negotiating with the Russians is therefore impossible; the regime has to change first.

If I had to make a prediction, it’s that our so-called governments will just attempt to emit more money. Why do I think so? That’s the only thing they are able to do. “Whatever it takes,” as pointed out Mario Draghi. First smaller amounts, then trillions. One of these money bombs will be its last. It has no other way to control the situation, apart from force, but printing money to solve the problem of soaring prices will only worsen the situation. (There seems to be a battle going on between two factions concerning central banking, with one faction looking to protect the currency from implosion by raising interest rates, the other pushing the opposite. More about this later.)

In a previous post I suggested that we have three options. Option one is to give up, surrender, and negotiate with the Russians and the rest of the world. This would be the best option, and rational. The war in Ukraine is still going because we don’t let it end. As things stand now, there are no signals pointing towards this solution. I see the opposite. All rationality has long since ceased. The second option is war, or to create an incident and put us on war economy/mobilization on such basis. The idea is to mask the collapse by a fabricated emergency. My view is that the nuclear provocation in Ukraine, which failed, was aimed at creating such an incident. So this option is on the table, but it is difficult to pull off. The third option is sleepwalking over the cliff, of which this price cap garbage is a perfect example. But once gravity takes hold, nobody will be in control. How far we are from that point, I don’t know.