Storm is coming

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My assessment is that we are fast approaching the final stages. You are going to join the vampires or get your assets seized.

Those will be your options.

Impossible fines and penalties, such as prison terms, will be handed to those who refuse.

This means that the majority, those who have entered the endless circus of iterated chemical injections, finally begins systematic destruction of the minority who refuses. First jobs and livelihoods, then assets, then the rest.

The sick are going to destroy the healthy, something that has never happened in human history.

What I wrote below is something very dark. There will be a positive ending.

Once one group begins systematic destruction of the other, there is no turning back. Think of it in this way. I will defend myself against you and your goons, and violently if needed, and to the end. You can take everything. I will refuse. You can threaten to take my life. I will refuse. And I will neither forgive nor forget. I speak for many others. This road, should you take it, will take us all into a very dark place. I beg you not to do it. Don’t test my will. Should you try it anyway, so be it.

It is impossible, of course, to predict if the hypnotized masses will, in their lobotomized frenzy, set this unspeakably monster into motion. In some cases, as in Rwanda, they did. Perhaps sufficient number of people realize what’s happening before it’s too late. It is equally possible, unfortunately, that they don’t. The hypnotized are burdened with enormous fears and stress by constant fearmongering broadcasted from the television, they can no longer reason, and they do anything they are told. They perceive themselves as soldiers in a live-or-death battle against something that nobody can understand. Last time I checked, they were fighting against an alleged enemy they now call “Omicron” which allegedly causes “mild symptoms” such as “coughing,” and which was also referred to as “Omnicron” (?) by both Biden and Anthony Fauci, the latter who recently proposed, in a complete illogical sentence, that “since the Om(n)icron bypasses the vaccines, we need to vaccinate everybody.” Perhaps Omicron and Omnicron are two different things? I don’t want to find out. It’s all gibberish. There is no rational way to understand any of this. It makes no sense, none of it.

What possible public health purpose could it serve to seize the assets of significant part of your fellow citizens? Do you seriously think that you can just go on, as if nothing happened, after doing that?

If there were not enough ICU beds for the sick last year, has it occurred to anybody to build more? You? Anybody?

My intuition about our predicament is that we – assuming that you have resisted up to this point –  do not play any major part in what happens next should all this come to pass. My background assumption has been that this basically is a coup, an attempt to take control of our societies by certain extreme right-wing elements living inside our own societies. By right-wing elements I don’t mean nationalists, but people driven by an extremely violent ideology, the same ideology that has driven us to ruthlessly destroy and loot other countries. The purpose is to take full control of our societies and then use them for goals as defined by that ideology. Either we will be exploited economically to no end, or our labour and assets will be directed towards wartime projects, rearmament, military draft, and our sons will have to die again in some pointless war somewhere. These are the two ruling ideologies we currently have. The former was used against Yeltsin’s Russia, for example, the latter to destroy Middle East. Perhaps there are more, or perhaps they will both play a role. None of this has anything to do with public health. Regardless, once we don’t have control over our governments, the real agenda, whatever it may be, will get unmasked.

No system like this has lasted long. It will end in ruins. Your goal should be to survive it with minimal damage. How to accomplish this depends on your personal circumstances. There will be justice, some type of tribunal, which means that you should document all injustices and persons responsible for them in a way that constitutes a proof in the court of law, for example, by taking photographs of all documents and persons involved, and keep a record of their identities. Record all atrocities and acts of injustice, so that you can later prove that they occurred. I mean all doctors, nurses, and whoever is harming you or somebody else against that person’s will. Take note of the people in the political sphere who are ultimately responsible. Make everybody understand, by forcing them to sign documents if needed, that they take full responsibility of their actions.

Keep in mind that our forefathers and mothers created our constitutions precisely to protect you against a situation like this. Their purpose is to protect minorities from wrath of the majority, and to keep our societies under the democratic control of its citizens in a way that is constrained by everybody’s right for self-determination, and other fundamental principles of human rights as codified into international laws. You are defending what previous generations build and my failed generation now attempts to destroy.

In the US, several courts have now rejected the vaccine mandates on these exact grounds.

If my analysis of the situation is correct, and the real agenda is based on an extreme right-wing ideology present in our western “democratic” societies, then expect the transition to first take place in the core NATO nations and their allies, including of course Australia. If you live in any of these nations, evacuation into some place outside of this nexus could be a realistic possibility. It could buy you time. Evacuation out of big cities into some more remote location is another possibility, to allow you to keep low profile. Since the right-wing ideology neither respect nor observes any human rights, you can, as an ultimate act of desperation, escape somewhere as a human rights refugee. International law will be on your side. But here, if the situation becomes this dire, an alternative is to join the forces of evil and try to destroy it from within. You will have to surrender to their sick medical experiments, however.

Western nations like Finland which are not full NATO members are on the same path, but the progress is slower. There seems to be at least six month or perhaps one year lag. I follow closely the situation in Finland (I’m a Finnish national), and will evacuate there if the lights go out here in Italy. Finland is on the same political trajectory that happened already here in Italy many months ago, it is steered in part by the same extreme right-wing elements that control the media and large swaths of the political elite, but the progress is slower. This will be very hard for the ordinary Finnish people to accept, for cultural and historical reasons I will not go into here. Regardless, peripheral nations could provide temporary shelter. Even temporary shelter is something, because all this will come to an end one day.

I have few other ideas of what to do. Understand that this is all political, about power. If you want to resist, you must network yourself politically. You cannot do anything alone. You cannot reason and rationalize, because it is irrelevant. Power is about free will. It is ultimately about removing your capacity for self-determination. You will have to put your own will against them or surrender. This is possible if you join a political movement. You can also help each other.

I also want to iterate some of my earlier points concerning the underlying power dynamics that I see playing out. My view is still that the complete failure on the part of the establishment was never part of the plan. Many disagree, but that is another topic. The reason these vaccines and indeed everything that has been tried has created only suffering, death, destruction and sickness was never the intention, I think. It was supposed to take us smoothly from the predicted catastrophic pandemic, which never materialized, into the totalitarian wartime system that too many now resist. This is what all those prior pandemic exercises, including the Event 101, were about. What happened was that the establishment, once again, made a series of colossal mistakes, but this time the blunder is so enormous that the powers that be are fighting for their own survival. It can never go back, never allow anybody to look what really happened, never allow anybody to analyze or study what all the medical interventions, lockdowns, and other measures really did to us. And perhaps the only way for the power that be to accomplish this is to remove the control group, hence to inject everybody with their garbage by force, and go full tyranny. The establishment will not go down without taking everything and everybody with it.

And after these pessimistic remarks, let’s conclude with something positive.

An alternative still exists. Return to normal life. It is a realistic possibility. The scientific consensus has abandoned the narrative completely. Vaccines do not work, there are no dangerous super mutants, and there is no rationale for forced vaccinations, passports, or wholesale destruction of societies. Nobody died of any virus. We are not threatened by any disease. The only thing that threatens us are our own governments and its bureaucrats. The narrative has collapsed. In addition, the whole movement is now political. Hence, it can be stopped by political forces, by people. Keep in mind also that many completely uncontrolled events are happening as we speak: there is insane inflation, energy prices are skyrocketing, there may be blackouts here in Europe, some type of war is brewing in Ukraine, and so on. Finally, and most importantly, at least some of those who were fully on board with this coup have come to realize that no matter what they do they can’t return to “normal.” Remember, many complied because they believed this will allow them to return to normal life as it were, that the war against the invisible monster virus will be over, but now that narrative too has collapsed in its entirety. We can try to hold their hand, caress them, and bring them gradually back to life. I hope the situation will be resolved in this way.

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Comment on Ioannidis (2021) “How the Pandemic is Changing the Norms of Science”

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Professor John Ioannidis wrote an interesting article focusing on the corruption of science, especially as it relates to the ongoing pandemic. The link is here.

The comments below are based on my own personal experiences inside and outside of the academia.

First, however, we must define the term “science.”

The term refers to experts, authority and academia. It also connotes something that is difficult to understand, sophisticated, prestigious and advanced. Perhaps words like learned, rigorous, obscure and abstract come into mind. Finally, science is based on consensus created by the experts representing humanity’s pooled wisdom. I will use the term “Science” with capital S for this phenomenon. This is what science means for the majority, and also for many researchers. It is a majestic human achievement.

The second sense is “tinfoil hat science.” These are people like flat earthers or those who maintain that some people like Hillary Clinton are lizards, or people who believe that AIDS is not caused by HIV.

We will also include Galileo, who speculated that the Earth orbits the sun, and Newton, who made an outrageous proposal that the Earth “pulls” you even though there is nothing to connect you to it. He went as far as to claim that even the moon “pulls” you, or that the Earth pulls the moon! Einstein, of course, was the very epitome of a tinfoil hat researcher.

Science, with big S, exists to make money. It is engaged in creating “spin,” a word used by Ioannidis. He continues, describing what happened during the current pandemic: “Broader public and media dissemination of scientific discoveries was largely focused on what could be exaggerated about the research, rather than the rigor of its methods and the inherent uncertainty of the results.”

One clear example of the money-making function of Science is the “scary new form of scientific universalism,”  a term used by Ioannidis, where suddenly everyone was expert on COVID-19, thus apparently there are one million authors who have published on this topic. “Many people without subject-matter technical expertise became experts overnight,” he points out. Obviously there can’t be that many experts on COVID-19, so what’s going on? Simple, people scramble to suck as much money as possible from a trendy topic. John Ioannidis:

“An analysis showed that scientists from every single one of the 174 disciplines that comprise what we know as science has published on COVID-19. By the end of 2020, only automobile engineering didn’t have scientists publishing on COVID-19. By early 2021, the automobile engineers had their say, too.”

I have seen this happening many times. In Finland, it happened when Nokia started to made money in the late 1990s. Suddenly everybody was an world-class expert on mobile technology.

Tinfoil hat scientists, on the other hand, are useful for humanity because they ask questions. They advance understanding. “Serious critics are our greatest benefactors,” Ioannidis wrote. But they do not usually advance their careers. Many have no careers. Einstein was a low-level clerk. Galileo was in house arrest. Flat earthing is a hobby. If you believe that HIV alone is not responsible for AIDS you cannot have career. Medical establishment will keep you out.

This distinction explains the curious phenomenon where “scientists object science.” If I point out to somebody that we don’t know what the new mRNA vaccines do to the human body, and express hesitation, that person will scratch his head and ask how I can be a “scientist” while “objecting science.” This is possible because two opposite senses of science are at stake. For the layperson, science is truth communicated by omnipotent experts in the television. For them, Science means something that is settled, true, should not be questioned, and whose advice we follow no matter what.

Tinfoil hat speculators like Galileo, Newton and Einstein take the opposite stance. They assume that nothing is settled, anything can be false, everything should be questioned, and nobody has any authority or expertise to dictate what anybody should do or think.

Descartes, after exploring the totality of the Science of his time, concluded, correctly as it turns out, that almost nothing is known. He was frustrated. He concluded that the only thing he knows are his own thoughts. This is tinfoil hat speculation to the extreme.

Similarly, flat earthers ask if we really know the earth is round. Do we? Of course we do. But it is not unscientific to ask.

There are other differences. Science never makes mistakes, never errs, and knows the truth. Experts can never be wrong, they are always right. They may change their opinion or recommendations, but they are never wrong.

Tinfoil hat researchers make mistakes and often say things that are not true. They believe in things that are blatantly false or absurd. A famous physicist once remarked that what Einstein did during his later years in Princeton was “junk.” Einstein responded that he had earned the right to be wrong.

Both Galileo and Newton made mistakes. Newton left behind an enormous volume of alchemical work, all total junk.

Descartes’ claim that about the only thing he knows to exist are his private thoughts is blatantly absurd. Of course many other things exist.

The reason I mention Galileo, Newton, Descartes and Einstein as examples – there are many others – is because science, originally natural philosophy, used to mean tinfoil hat research. Most people don’t understand this. They don’t know that this sort of thing even exists. Thus, Ioannidis wrote that “most people, including most people in the West, had never been seriously exposed to the fundamental norms of the scientific method.”

Science was born from scepticism that broke away from power and authority; that’s what it is. It is scepticism that makes it useful, not the consensus.

So you might realize at this point that Big Science and tinfoil had speculation are the polar opposites. You would be correct. Today’s Big Science is what religion and kings represented in the past, an omnipotent authority and power structure, some type of economic framework, whereas tinfoil hat speculation is what was back then called “natural philosophy.” Natural philosophy means “asking questions about nature.”

Science, in the original sense and as a useful profession, means the opposite of authority, experts or consensus; scientists ask hard questions, debate, criticize. Hard questions in the sense of representing the opposite to consensus, money and power. In the words of Ioannidis, “Honest, continuous questioning and exploration of alternative paths are indispensable for good science.”

When John Ioannidis writes about corruption, and calls for the reintroduction of the values of science back into the totally corrupted academia, he is trying to invite tinfoil hat speculation back. I assume it was once part of the academia. Getting it back is going to be almost impossible.

Let’s take the pandemic as an example, the topic discussed by Ioannidis. If you have followed what’s going on, you know by now that if a doctor asks a question, his scientific papers will get retracted, he will be fired from all academic positions, he will get wiped out from all social media, factcheckers will deem his point misinformation, he will not be invited to TV shows or to give talks, and you will in general never hear from that person again. Thus, “unconflicted scientists who worked pro bono but dared to question dominant narratives were smeared as being conflicted” and their “reputations were systematically devastated and destroyed. Many brilliant scientists were abused and received threats during the pandemic, intended to make them and their families miserable.”

This is what Galileo experienced in his time.

Julian Assange asked a question and is tortured in prison in UK.

It is wrong to think that modern academia would tolerate tinfoil hat science. Tinfoil hat researchers won’t get funding. Laypersons will find them totally useless; they ask silly questions. It is only the next generations that will benefit from their work.

For example, today’s medical establishment benefits from a doctor who once proposed that some diseases occurred due to poor hygiene. He asked a question, and was ridiculed – today we all benefit. His career was destroyed.

Young students and aspiring researchers usually begin their careers as tinfoil hat researchers. I know this from my own experience as a teacher. They are inspired, genuinely interested, and ask interesting questions, all the right attributes and attitudes. They bring in valuable new perspectives. Then they lose them all. The reason we lose our inherent potential is not because we become cynical and less idealistic as we get old, but because the word “science” is ambiguous.

What happens is that young people first read about history of science – about great discoveries – hence they familiarize themselves with the tinfoil hat science, and intuitively understand that it could suit their temperaments. They are curious, asking questions. They decide to become researchers. What they don’t know, however, is that unbeknownst to them they have joined a bureaucracy and not a scientific enterprise. To cultivate science, as it is presented in popular science and history books, you need to stay away from any bureaucracy.

I think it is in fact better if we simply throw the tinfoil hat speculators out. Being outside, they can follow their nonsensical passions. Who cares if they succeed or fail. In this way, we maximize their potential. We pay nothing, future generations benefit. The guy who invented electricity was compensated £5 per year for his troubles. Just throw all these people out and great things will emerge.

In conclusion, I think it is wrong to reform anything.

What can we do?

Things like friends or love cannot be purchased, no matter how much money you throw at them. This is because money + love = prostitution. It is a metaphysical truth that these things are corrupted by money. So we don’t throw money at them.

Many things are like this. Tinfoil hat science is one of those things. It will only get corrupted when you throw money at it. We cannot solve this problem by creating new bureaucracies, universities or institutions. Of course, we will always create them. People will thrive inside these behemoths. But these institutions, like the Catholic church in the past, do not accomplish what we are looking for. A billionaire cannot buy good science.

This would be like erecting a publicly funded institution for love. You’d get something else, usually the exact opposite.

In Finland, there is an institute for “health and wellbeing,” which accomplishes the exact opposite. Finnish people are not getting any healthier, and their wellbeing has not been increased an iota.

Google was originally based on a truly innovative new idea and correct vision of the future of the Internet. Today, after being washed in money, it is one of the most evil corporations there is, using its monopoly status for the destruction of freedom, knowledge, science and information whenever those threaten its own material interests.

Therefore, we must do the opposite. Let’s pay everybody in the academia minimum wage, eliminate all politically motivated funding, and leave these kids alone. Those who remain can put their tinfoil hats back. I absolutely guarantee that the reformed university will produce useful innovations and ideas in no time. I absolutely and positively know that people who once entered the system will still have the original curiosity in them. We just need to seduce it back.

Sounds good, but surely you can’t seriously claim that flat earthers and Newton are the same?

Before considering this, let’s remind ourselves once more that Descartes not only claimed that he did not know if the earth was flat or round, he claimed that he knew nothing else except his own thoughts. He was, in other words, a super flat earther.

Once there was a serious mathematician who believed that two parallel lines can intersect. Totally impossible. Turned out to be true though.

But the objection above is true in the sense that while both flat earthers and Newton disbelieve almost everything, Newton workout out a positive solution with complete rigor.

Same with the mathematician who maintained that two parallel lines can intersect. He worked out a rigorous geometry where parallel lines do intersect.

The essence of scientific contribution is not only to ask a question, but also to provide a positive solution. That is the difficult part.

Even philosophers misunderstand this. They think that the essence of scientific contribution is falsification. It is not. The real contribution is a new formula. That’s the interesting part. That’s what science is about. You ask a question, and provide an answer.

Comments on the situation in Italy

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Flag of Italian Social Republic, 1943-45

I will leave few comments about the situation in Italy.

The puppet regime is again tightening the screws by introducing new totalitarian regulations called “super green pass.” This is counterbalanced by the fact that nobody is following the rules.

A caveat first. I no longer follow the Italian controlled media. We are ruled by an unelected puppet regime, thus the political discussion presented in television is meaningless and for entertainment only. Our lives are dictated arbitrarily by technocrats and lobbies behind the scenes. It does not matter what anybody says.

If you think about it, everything is going along a predetermined path, and nothing that is said or done in the television has ever changed any of it.

But the reason I don’t follow the media is different. Open the television at any moment without sound and you’ll see a potpourri of random people getting vaccinated. Who are these people? Why are they vaccinated? With what vaccine? Are they Italian? Why so many? Are they in the same place? Hospital? Are they relatives? Whole family? Are they real or actors? Is this stock footage or real footage? Does not matter. There is an endless stream of images of people of all ages getting vaccinated, over and over. This is called “manufacturing consent,” the point is to create artificial reality where everybody is consenting to get the vaccine from hell.

The purpose is to make people do something they wouldn’t otherwise do.

Similarly, if Italy was at war, television would show an endless stream of young heroic men preparing for war, enlisting for the army, military parades, staged fight scenes, gigantic military installations, shiny medals, mothers preparing wartime meals for their sons, army generals standing in front of huge troop formations, and many such things, over and over. This is because nobody wants to go to die or murder other human beings, so consent has to be manufactured. Today we have random vaccinations. It’s pathetic. But the point is the same.

A brave soldier preparing for war. My generation is a pathetic failure.

In fact, if they don’t show vaccinations, they show casualties. Numbers of “covid cases,” of which nobody knows what the hell they are, and “deaths,” which are very few, and nobody knows why these people died, where, and who they were, if they ever existed. This creates an illusion that there is a war somewhere, but nobody quite understands where. Doesn’t matter. The numbers roll. All televisions are silent in my home at all times.

There is a “wheel of colors.” A gigantic Excel sheet somewhere in Rome that generates color codes for each region. Sometimes they calculate wrongly, and the color flips abruptly in the middle of the day. Nobody cares.

Regardless, watching the television or controlled news will not get you anywhere.

Instead we look at what happens in the real world.

In the real world there are protests, as should be. All around in Europe. They are getting bigger. They must. Unless we protest and resist, this will never end. As time has gone by, more and more have come to realize I think, even if they don’t grasp what’s going on behind the scenes or the magnitude of these events, that this has to stop. Another lockdown, and there will be too much carnage.

Most will ultimately want to get back to normal. The war must end. All wars do. Other business and not just pharma will want to make profit.

More war? More vaccines?

This is what you get from talking to ordinary people. The taxi-driver in Roma. You won’t find this information from the controlled media though. According to it, there are only sporadic “no vax far-right protests by terrorists.” This is again to manufacture consent, to create the illusion that everybody agrees to the government ideology while the opposition consists of criminals and other nonentities. The first thing the resistance must do, if it succeeds, is to take the controlled media off the air.

This does not mean that the crusade against the invisible enemy, the phantom virus, is over. The hypnosis and the crusade ideology remains strong. The problem is, rather, that the tyranny is slowly turning against the poor covid defense battalions themselves. Booster jabs aren’t popular. They are like military draft, necessary perhaps, but very uncomfortable. Lockdowns mean economic devastation. Businesses suffer. The boosters have caused death and sickness. Many know vaccine victims personally. The idea of exterminating the unvaccinated minority still does not feel right. There is a vague feeling of unease.

People get tired of war.

You will also have to understand that in Italy, especially where I live, people live off the grid by using cash. Almost all economic transactions are black. What happens here is that Roma sends monthly checks to the pensioner legions who then cash them out at the post office and pour into the black economy. The money is printed by the ECB, and taxpayers in Finland and other northern nations will later pay for it. We will not.

But it matters little what the super green pass regime says, because nobody follows the rules. Perhaps few weeks, then it fades off. It has been like this for decades. I haven’t seen much change where I live. I live in a poor and remote region. There is nothing but olive trees, sea and sunshine. If we go deeper into this third world dictatorship people will resort using the so called “universal passport” even more, in other words, cash:

“Papers please!”

“Here, and something extra for your family.”

It will remain like this as long as people are not consenting fanatically to the government, which is not happening, not at least now, and for reasons elucidated above.

Of course, this does not lessen the fact that the new super green rules are sadistic. They are meant to do one thing, namely force people to get the vaccine from hell they don’t want.

The utopia that we will all be using QR codes, super green passports and some form of digital credit will never work in real life, and it is nowhere as clear as it is here. It’s like the crazed idea we would all be using electric cars. If electric cars would be mandatory or heavily subsidized people would carry portable diesel generators in their cars to charge them.

The only way I could see this change, is if people become fanatical about their rulers. It isn’t happening. Not for these rulers.

And, as I wrote earlier, even if something like this would be imposed, even if enough people would consent fanatically, the system would collapse. All tyrannical regimes collapse.

While we here in the south are mostly left alone, controlling big metropolitan areas is and will be more difficult for the outlaw regime, and more tyrannical repression takes place that will ultimately result in some form of final confrontation if the regime does not back off. We are still on the path to complete destruction. Many, including myself, suffer greatly from these events. It has become next to impossible to plan anything for the future.

My understanding is that we are under some type of emergency law – under wartime conditions – until the end of this year. I gather that the Italian constitution prohibits the puppet regime from continuing the wartime emergency – it was designed to be temporary – yet I don’t believe for a moment normal conditions will return. Warlike emergency will become permanent. The current Italian Republic will end. It is still important to go through this transition, though. I have a huge picture of Mussolini and the old Italian fascist flag ready. When the war was almost over, in 1943, there was a brief German puppet government in northern Italy. Today too we have an unelected fascist puppet government, hopefully as short-lived as the previous one. If we do return to peacetime conditions, however, these items will remain in the basement and never see the light of day.

My wife who, for who knows why, read one of my blogs thinks I’m delusional and pretending to be a prophet. Indeed, I have acknowledged this much myself. But I am not predicting the future. My blogs are warnings. We are on a predetermined path to ruin. Very bad things will happen unless we resist and enough people wake up before it’s too late.


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Our leaders are now telling their citizens either to comply or die, literally. And indeed you may have noticed that Austria imposed a universal injection mandate for the whole population. Others are threatening to do the same. It was always going to end like this.

Under these circumstances, we have to view the EU megastructure and its vassal nations as an overtly criminal enterprise.

These death threats are not yet real, instead they reek of desperation. The mainstream press is starting to report on the fact that those who took the garbage injection are twice as likely to get the disease than the purebloods. They are also reporting on the deaths of healthy people from mysterious reasons, the Sudden Adult Death Syndrome. And infections rates are everywhere in positive correlation with the garbage injection.

So, they are facing the end of their careers, and much worse, which is the reason they have gone mad.

Everybody knows the flu killed nobody, and everything that has been tried has ended in failure. Look at the chart above and tell me if this has been great success?

So they are not really threatening to kill us, not yet. This is a last desperate effort to get everybody injected to hide the crime. If they catch everybody, then the ongoing disaster can be blamed on something else. Most likely it will be blamed on the Russians who are once again attacking our democracy, or the Chinese who must be, I don’t know, just very bad overall? Although they make all the stuff we consume, at least they are communists.

But the answer is no. You can foam and rage, the answer is no.

If the unvaccinated are targeted for elimination or violent coercion, it will be done in a discreet, judicious and sterile manner, without fanfare. In Australia, the army has quietly started to transfer people into the concentration camps. Perhaps medical care will be quietly denied. They will not announced their intentions anywhere. They will, instead, produce colorful PDF documents about the European values of freedom and democracy. So we are not talking about this stage yet. You know this is happening when there is complete silence. Denial is “among the surest indicators of further genocidal massacres,” as the “perpetrators […] dig up the mass graves, burn the bodies, try to cover up the evidence and intimidate the witnesses. They deny that they committed any crimes, and often blame what happened on the victims.” (source).

Ten stages of genocide

Notice that Australia has moved to stage seven.

Instead, I would go as far as to say that this is good news. These rulers are lashing out in desperation. They have lost their cool. Threatening citizens of imminent death when the disease has survival rate of 99.998% cannot be understood in any other way.

Of course, the option of total tyranny is still on the table. We should look out for items seven and eight in the above chart. Items 1-6 have been completed.

A recent article in Lancet, a prestigious medical journal, issued a warning. After pointing out that “there is increasing evidence that vaccinated individuals continue to have a relevant role in transmission” the author continues:

“Historically, both the USA and Germany have engendered negative experiences by stigmatising parts of the population for their skin colour or religion. I call on high-level officials and scientists to stop the inappropriate stigmatisation of unvaccinated people, who include our patients, colleagues, and other fellow citizens, and to put extra effort into bringing society together.”

In other words, we should not go any further.

I have a sense that significant part of the business community, the part that will be completely wiped out if this keeps going much longer, is hesitating. The pharma has gotten its money, its product was a failure, time to make bombs and kill people elsewhere? They are clearly trying to stir up something in Ukraine again. They are continuously trying to provoke Russia and China.

Taking this point of view, the crucial issue becomes why the vaccinated are getting sick. Once the establishment is gone, we need to sort this out.

My common sense tells me that if we vaccinate people while there is a mutating virus, the virus will by laws of evolution optimize itself for infecting the vaccinated people. Evolution works by finding the most survivable solution. If so, then the question is if the victims have natural immunity left. I don’t know. The information that’s available is confusing. If not, the mutated virus will kill them. Perhaps it comes an Ebola-type disease. Perhaps we must impose extreme lockdowns for the vaccinated. Clearly, however, the virus is now specifically targeting the vaccinated.

In fact, sometimes I suspect that all these lockdowns and other preparations are designed in part to try to keep the vaccinated out of harm. In Austria, they tried to impose the lockdown for the unvaccinated only to quickly retract and impose it for everybody. Have you noticed that they ask both vaccinated and unvaccinated to wear masks? Why? Why boosters?

No doubt people will find these thoughts delusional, but we gambled. We don’t know the outcome, and what I wrote is a possibility. Moreover, evolution works by survival of the fittest. The null hypothesis is that the virus will find a way to attack the vaccinated. It does not matter what anybody thinks or believes. You can believe whatever you want, your thoughts or my thoughts have no impact on anything. What’s done is done and we must prepare accordingly.

Totally mysterious

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Sergio Aguero “rushed to hospital with chest pains” (source)

In some earlier posts I made fun of chestbursters that will inevitably result if people inject black goo. The above picture shows what chestbursters look like in real life.

I regret the joke.

The point was to emphasize that you are injecting completely unknown, biologically and genetically active chemical into your body, and that neither you nor anybody else knows what will happen, and whether it will be safe or not. These simple facts were all intentionally hidden from you.

They are all real now. It is painful, sad and infuriating to read and watch. My own heart literally pains when I see this. It’s not just Sergio Aguero. There is a whole epidemic of “mysterious” heart problems that is getting worse.

Because the black goo was unknown and untested, nobody knows how many alien embryos there are. It can be few thousand or hundreds of millions. People can die tomorrow or in two years.

If this accelerates, there will be panic. People will go postal if they find out that they, and their children, are in danger of dying at any moment because they were conned into injecting some garbage.

I’m talking about unimaginable rage.

But right now it is too early to tell, we don’t know how many victims there will be. We can only hope that these “totally mysterious” heart problems and deaths taper off.

And that people will not inject more.

Public authorities, experts, medical establishment, political elite, and the media were all part of this orgy. People who orchestrated this freak show are unhumans. They will be abhorred by every living being from bacteria to humans as long as there is life on this planet.

Distant paradise

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Austria, and soon the rest of Europe, will put the unvaccinated under house arrest, finally locking us out as we predicted they will.

The essential point to understand is that, once this happens, these governments, and the whole EU megastructure, transforms itself into an overtly criminal enterprise.

If any country, say North Korea or Iran, puts a minority — say all homosexuals — under house arrest and out of work to starve, you would conclude that the regime has lost its mind and is overtly and blatantly criminal. So, this is where we are.

Europe is, once again, on this familiar path. And once again, Austria and Germany lead the way.

This changes the prism through which we must look at the events as they unfold.

A lawless system like this is not controlled by few individuals — say a cabal of secret oligarchs — but the majority, the “mob,” hysterical masses hypnotized by the television and hopelessly wrapped into their own twisted propaganda constructs. Anything deemed appropriate by the majority, or that can be marketed to the mobs or inspires them into another frenzy, is now on the table. Rules are no longer determined by laws, written in the Parliament by a democratic process. They do not have to apply equally to everybody.

There is no law, and cannot be, stating that people who refuse to participate in a risky medical experiment requiring them to inject an untested and unknown medical gene manipulation product into their bodies, of which only the participant bears all the burden of any negative outcomes, must be prevented from earning a living and remain under house arrest, in effect implying that they should starve as punishment.

Only a mob experiencing some type of delirium can come up with something like this.

True, behind the scenes there is a cabal of ultra-rich oligarchs controlling a huge chunk of Western capital and orchestrating these events, eyeing for our resources, but it is important to realize that ultimately what happens depends on the government bureaucrats and the majority of citizens. It is we who, as a collective, self-destruct in one last episode of delirious mania.

It is also noteworthy that once a government takes this step, there is no going back. The bureaucrats and governors who instantiate a lawless system cannot go back to the old system where they would be held accountable. That door will be closed. So, brace for impact.

There are still two checkpoints, though.

First, large swaths of big industries and businesses will have to greenlight the operation. Putting 7 million Italians, for example, under criminal house arrest will affect the bottom line and survivability of many businesses. Tourism industry will end, because the operation requires permanent lockdowns and travel restrictions. And so on. In addition, the manufactured crisis will continue to occupy people’s attention, leaving many other profitable business ventures, such as weapon making and war profiteering, without lucrative revenues.

If and when the business community greenlights the operation, the enforcement sector, police and the army, constitute the ultimate and final checkpoint. They have a choice: either to get on the side of the rule of law and defend the minority against the mob, or descend with the mob into lawless totalitarian hell.

In America, this dynamic is already playing out, with the red states, smaller corporations, and some National Guards opposing overtly the arbitrary, lawless and unconstitutional “mandates” coming from Washington D.C. There is already a standoff. The outcome is unclear.

Here in Europe, there will be demonstrations as the minority and those who still support the rule of law try to defend, one last time, themselves and the old lawful system. At this point, we will be fighting for our lives. The regime will try to prevent any opposition by arbitrary ruling. It will try to ban all gatherings and demonstrations, relying on a concocted hyper emergency that will become permanent. We will be labelled as “anti-vax terrorists.” Whether the police and army suppress these last desperate calls for help, and support the tyranny, or marches on the side of freedom and law, determines what takes place next. The outcome is unclear, because the police and army are ultimately composed of ordinary people that must now take a stand. Different nations will take different paths, although the whole criminal enterprise is being coordinated from the EU that suddenly but not surprisingly cares very little about any human rights issues.

Regardless, locking the unvaccinated out of society and unleashing a wave of violence against them solves nothing. The orgy will provide only momentary relief.

Gibraltar, Ireland and Iceland where almost 100% of citizens are vaccinated are experiencing enormous COVID waves. Take a look:

These pseudovaccines accomplish very little if anything, and they certainly will not solve any crisis that is completely manufactured in the first place. The null hypothesis turned out to be true: this medical product has no long-lasting positive effects. There will be endless boosters and lockdowns. Sadly, the more people try to comply, the less freedom they will have.

But to conclude with something more positive. Imagine the old world where respiratory diseases like flu and influenza were part of accepted reality, sick were quietly treated in the hospitals by the professionals whose job it was, old were allowed to die gracefully and peacefully, and the rest of us were living our normal everyday lives. I still remember this! Soon it fades away and feels like a distant paradise.

Welcome, new members of our community

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that to be “fully vaccinated” you now require a third dose. He said:

 “On boosters, it’s very clear that getting three jabs—getting your booster—will become an important fact and it will make life easier for you in all sorts of ways, and we will have to adjust our concept of what constitutes a full vaccination to take account of that.”

He said that because “the two jabs sadly do start to wane, so we’ve got to be responsible and we’ve got to reflect that fact in the way we measure what constitutes full vaccination.”

And here’s a dataset showing what he’s saying. The vaccines only exaggerate the problem.

Shouldn’t we have less infections now that most of us have been vaccinated and not more?

Photo by Gratisography on

Difficult, isn’t it?

Regardless, you double vaxed deserve a standing ovation for joining the unvaccinated. Our community welcomes you back.

But what I’m actually here for is to inform you that we have now arrived at the flat earth moment.

We will see if the population passes or fails the flat earth test. I honestly don’t know.

The flat earth test: will people line up for a third dose of an untested experimental medical product knowing that it is both dangerous and wanes without effect, all this because somebody in the television tells them to?

That’s the test. The result remains unknown.

If the population fails the test, then they are more irrational than those who believe that the earth is flat. This is because while the latter are exploring an innocent and harmless philosophical dead end, the former are in a reckless pursuit of their own demise in addition of pursuing a dead end.

What I do know, though, is that instead of admitting they made a colossal mistake – now completely evident and uncontroversial – our benevolent, wise and superior bureaucrat leaders and their expert minions, doctors, media and scientists are going to go full ape. Keep your heads down and remember, all this is going crash and burn one day, and the people responsible will be held accountable when adults assume control.

Entering the next flu season

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Eye of Sauron (source)

We are entering an annual flu season.

This time, though, this is big news.

This seasonal flu will be rebranded, again, as an apocalypse. New variant, new pandemic, new wave, all ICUs are full, hospitals are collapsing, whatever it may be. Perhaps an alien invasion will be thrown into the mix.

I say it once more: this menace will never stop. There is no return to normal. We were never supposed to return to anything. There never was any “two weeks to flatten the curve.”

The injection/passport menace will push forward. It now lives inside its own virtual reality without any regard of any facts. The media/corrupted political establishment will simply make the reality as we go.

Invisible enemies will be concocted to create panic. Everybody will be required to take the injection, including all children, at least once every year if not twice. The fact that the injection is impotent, dangerous, and that there is no pandemic, is not relevant. The fact that this is all criminal does not matter. This is happening and you can’t deny it anymore.

Dissidents will be isolated first by treating them like animals having access only to basic services and later no access to anything. You simply have to accept that that this menace will leave many dead as it foams and rages on. The injection has already killed hundreds of thousands if not millions innocent victims.

Once the seasonal flu gets going, governments will declare emergency. It will become permanent. We will go into another lockdown. Parliaments and political debate remain in the television to hypnotize the few imbecilic viewers but are otherwise meaningless jitter. This will annihilate what was left of the democratic processes, thus your power to change anything. What remains is manufactured panic. The flu rages. Who knows perhaps another 3000 will die here in Italy, a nation of 60 million? Governments will declare enormous penalties for dissidents, threatening to seize their assets, thus all opposition will be neutralized. Those who comply will have their lives controlled by the pseudovaccine passport.

Once this has happened, I think we will default on our debts – execute a controlled bankruptcy and transform the society – so that you and me, if we are still alive, own nothing. Perhaps some type of climate communism will be declared.

This transformation and the endpoint post-transformation society were depicted in the movie “V for Vendetta.”

But there are many unknown factors, and my view is that nobody is in control anymore. This menace has its own life and energy. As I pointed out in a previous post, significant number of people remain hypnotized and live in a manufactured fear. They will do and believe anything the television says. This is from where the juggernaut gets its energy.

There is a significant opposition, however. It is growing. This is because the whole thing is a freak show. It cannot be believed once you snap out of the infantile hypnosis.

Yet, it is not sufficient to demonstrate in the streets. What our governments are doing means they do not care if you hold a banner and march on the street. They don’t care at all. They are engaged in a crime: using naked aggression to force their citizens to participate in a medical experiment with completely unknown consequences while shielding themselves from all liability. This is criminal. Hence they can’t back off. This is the whole enigma. Your situation is therefore as follows: either you comply with these absurd demands or you don’t. If you don’t, prepare to sacrifice your job, freedom, health and possible your life. Remember that many who complied and injected the pseudovaccine already sacrificed theirs. There will be bodies on both sides of the fence.

The best way to describe the situation is to imagine you have been captured by a gangster family. You either comply or refuse, both at your own risk. Protest has no relevance.

But the opposition, if we hold the line, can neutralize some of the inertia. Therefore, do not comply. The juggernaut sucks energy from the society. If society loses its energy, or breaks down, the menace will slow down, like a hurricane that enters dry land. People’s attention will be drawn elsewhere, and television can no longer maintain the illusion. Even the elite can decide to manufacture a small war or crisis somewhere to try to find an exit ramp.

Some important things to consider:

In the US, inflation has become undeniable reality while the government is planning to print three trillion dollars. Trillion. These dollars will hyperinflate assets like bitcoin even more while leaving the peasants potentially unable to purchase basic goods. We are one step closer to the dollar collapse that everybody understands is in the cards. Astronomical asset prices mean people no longer want to hold dollars. Polling shows that the Biden/Harris administration is in very dire straits. Let’s go Brandon. My point here though is that nobody is in control.

The pseudo-vaccine is taking victims. The numbers are currently increasing. We see excess deaths in the official statistics that trend upwards. The pseudo-vaccine particles enter the cells in your body, hijacks them, and commands them to create a deadly pathogen. What could go wrong? The situation here is that at present nobody knows how many people will die from this genetic reprogramming. This experimental product has never been properly tested on humans or animals, thus its long-term effects remain unknown. Let me repeat: nobody knows what will happen to the victims and how many there will be. It’s not under anybody’s control.

Some find it unbelievable and unreal that this is happening, but consider this. For the last decades we have spent our time in terrorizing, murdering, bombing and starving people by savage wars and sanctions around the globe. At the same time, the media/political establishment has been piling lies on the top of lies. Our actions tell what our values are and who we are. We value two things above all else: killing for profit and our own exceptional supremacy cloaked as pretending to have more “democracy” and more “freedom” than anybody else. And that’s it. What is different this time is that the eye of Sauron has turned inwards. It will finally self-destruct in its own megalomanic excrement, greed and infantile hubris.

The whole narrative has collapsed. It’s time to figure out what happened

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The whole covid narrative has collapsed.

Nothing remains.

Or, what remains is an empty juggernaut moving by its own inertia.

Every scientific study or anecdote that comes out today tells that the injections do nothing, were completely unnecessary, and were prescribed against a disease that in most cases does not kill anybody. There was no pandemic.

Here in Italy the covid deaths were just reduced 97%, from 130.000 into few thousand. It was all a lie. There are no mass graves for the victims. I sometimes ask people where the mass graves are so that I could bring flowers. There are no responses.

These injections do not prevent infection, transmission, or the disease. Their efficiency hovers around 0% or is negative. There are better alternative treatments. Regardless of what we do, every person in this planet will eventually get this disease. No matter how much immunity we get, it lives inside animals, mutates, and comes back. There will be an endless supply of variants. Some of us will die of it, others will die of other things.

Half of us remain in a state of hypnosis, however. People were hypnotized by the television. A hypnosis is a psychological state where the mind is no longer able to exercise free will or normal critical thinking, instead it blindly complies with external commands, no matter how irrational. All agency has ceased. These people do not compute any input unless it comes from the television.

But since the whole narrative has collapsed most who were not hypnotized have turned their attention into figuring out why all this happened. Was there a conspiracy? Alien invasion? What will happen next? Who to blame?

I write my working theory below just to check later if any of it turns out to be true; perhaps this is completely wrong.

There exists an uncontroversial paper trail linking American and Chinese researchers into the development of weaponized coronaviruses in Wuhan. Chinese authorities were certainly aware of this during the initial events in late 2019. My view is that this was the reason for the initial panic.

It is not necessary that a real virus escaped from the laboratory, intentionally or by accident, it suffices that this was considered a realistic possibility.

Public was not told. If it were, an apocalyptic panic would have blanketed the whole planet. This, I believe, was the reason why Italy went into a full lockdown in March 2020. A pandemic was declared while there was no evidence of one. So it was irrational, but explainable if there were hidden factors at play.

This explains also the mystery of the sudden emergence of the completely new mRNA injections. Bioweapon development requires that a cure is developed in parallel. This turned out to be the case. That’s why the whole concept was ready and deployed with incredible speed. Normal vaccine development takes ten years.

Notice that I am not claiming that a bioweapon was released, only that there was a possibility that it was. We don’t know what really happened. But what we do know is that a cure was instantly available like a miracle, for this specific pathogen.

In the very early phases of the alleged pandemic some thousand passengers were exposed to the virus that were also isolated inside a cruise ship. Only very few of them died, most had no symptoms. This showed that we were not dealing with a very deadly pathogen. Yet the media, health bureaucrats and large swaths of the populations went into hypnosis. Why?

I explain this phase to myself by assuming that having received information through diplomatic or other channels that the virus could possibly be a bioweapon, as we now know that this was a realistic possibility, governments instructed the media to create what is called a “noble lie,” namely to do everything in their power to intentionally create panic, compel people to stay isolated, and be irrationally careful. Later the same mentality was applied to the vaccines. By and large, then, I do not attribute malice into these early actions, only fear, incompetence and bureaucratic infantilism.

The mRNA vaccine solution emerged almost as soon as did the virus, and few haphazard and incomplete clinical studies were conducted. We know from whistle-blowers and other sources that the studies were badly done and are possibly fraudulent. The data has inconsistencies, and the studies were very short, the results meaningless. The absolute effectiveness of the vaccine was reported at 1%. There was no meaningful difference between the vaccinated and the controls.

But then something else happened. Pfizer deleted the initial control group.

Any researcher knows that this can only mean one thing: something bad was happening in the experimental group and this had to be concealed. We now know that the injection does cause harmful effects. Pfizer researchers certainly saw them as well. The problem was that the vaccine juggernaut was already in full motion and beyond the point of no return. Hypnotized citizens were lining up for the injection.

An enormous, completely irrational obsession with the vaccines then ensued despite the fact that averse reactions were flooding in and it was obvious to anybody that the disease was mild and posed no danger to healthy children or adults. All real information was censored, further showing that something had gone wrong. This is the pivotal moment where the initial panic turned into malice and true conspiracy.

Hence we are in a situation where the governments, media and big tech are all-in with their noble-lie-turned-evil-blunder and cannot retreat.

It also seems that many in the media and governments are in the state of hypnosis themselves. They repeat empty slogans, unable to exercise free will or evaluate rationally what’s going on and what they are even saying. The whole media here in Italy is still in a trance, completely blind to anything that happens in the real world. It keeps repeating slogans. People sit in front of their televisions consuming these slogans day and night without any filters or thought process.

In Finland, the situation is the same. Yet if you know what Finland is you also know that it does not matter to anybody what’s happening there. Nobody cares, so it must be a self-induced collective hypnosis.

What therefore remains is the empty but dangerous juggernaut of the vaccines and vaccine green passes, moving on by its own inertia rather than reality. Nobody knows where this behemoth will eventually land once the air comes out.

My sense is that the control group will remain. Polls show that those who refused will refuse no matter what. I will. Many lost their jobs, made sacrifices. The establishment did not and will not succeed to inject everybody. Passports or no passports. Since the control group remains, whatever it was that the Pfizer researchers saw in their clinical trials will soon become evident if it is not evident already. The only means to eliminate the controls is physical violence, and although the hypnotized masses will certainly comply with whatever they are told in the television, this would destroy western nations since it requires complete tyranny. The danger is nevertheless imminent. Australia is inching closer and closer. Italy is not far behind.

I do not think that there was a masterplan. I cannot imagine after seeing the establishment crumpling from one catastrophe into another that these people could ever design one let alone execute it.

Bill Gates is a high-school dropout and a megalomanic vaccine-Jesus. Inside these peoples’ minds there occurs some type of fusion of personal ideology and profit opportunity, in this case some type of vaccine-Jesus ideology combined with a vast personal vaccine investment portfolio, supported and surrounded by an endless army of yes-man minions all cheering for the billionaire for the monthly payday. The result is a tragedy. The same goes with climate change, which is somehow confused with the vaccines in Bill Gate’s mind. It is a truly childish utopia – return to a mythological preindustrial paradise – concocted in the minds of billionaires and climate researchers all who benefit from it – an ideology with profit opportunity. Greta is a perfect mascot for this movement. The fact that Bill Gates and others played a catalytic role in this vaccine train wreck is a tragedy rather than an evil masterplan. They seized an opportunity and become evil. They will be finished, catapulted into the footnotes of the history books as grotesque failures.

This ideology and profit motive also underlies the Klaus Schwab nonsense that we could somehow transform western societies into utopias where everybody is controlled by the technocratic elite by means of passports, digital codes and blood samples. Experience southern Italy for one day and you will realize that this is not a realistic possibility at all. The more green passes were introduced the more everything just moved into black cash transactions. But this ideology plays a role in that, exactly as Schwab stated, this alleged pandemic presented an “opportunity” to realize these dystopian ideas. The EU elite seems to be on board with this freak project. But the whole thing was such a catastrophic blunder — the pandemic was nonexistent and the cure an epic failure — that this won’t happen, not without violence.

I have no idea if any of what I just wrote is true, even close. There are many reasons to be skeptical. But the juggernaut must be stopped and the hypnotized victims snapped out of their delusions.

Hospitals are overrun with patients. Flatness of Earth to blame?

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I have seen official reports from several countries that hospitals are filling in with mysterious patients. Here is the premier of Western Australia:

Our hospitals are under enormous pressure. This is the same in [the rest of Australia]. This has been something no one has ever seen before, the growth in demand in our hospitals, why it is is hard, hard to know… There is huge numbers of people coming through the door, so we’re doing everything we can to try to manage it.

I’ve seen similar reports from Sweden, UK and US. What is happening is “hard to know” no doubt. These are not covid patients. But notice that this is a global, planet-wide phenomenon. I think this provides an important clue.

The most likely culprit public health officials should urgently look into and which they have ignored up to this point to their detriment is the shape of the planet itself. If earth were suddenly flattened, this would change some of the gravitational parameters affecting people’s well-being. On the top of that we would get the injuries of people falling off the edge. And this would certainly explain the mysterious connection between hospitals in Sweden and Australia.

It would be frankly irrational to believe that a sudden flattening of the whole planet would not change anything. We are talking about flattening the entire planet. The gravity under your feet is there because of trillions of atoms of the earth pulling every atom in your body ever so slightly and it is this aggregate force and vector that keeps you grounded. You don’t see what’s pulling you, but it is there, like an invisible force. All these vectors have changed. People who refuse to believe this are in denial of simple Newtonian physics.

I speculated in some earlier posts that injecting billions of people and now also zoo animals with an experimental gene-therapy black goo with completely unknown long-term effects, and then boosting the injections over and over, might eventually cause chestbursters. But if this was so, we should have already seen them. We should have seen young people, including super healthy athletes, succumbing into sudden unexplained hearth problems, but has anybody seen any? We should see thousands of adverse reaction reports. There should be forced vaccination policies destined to hide the problem; full censorship; excess mortality in the young; positive correlation between vaccination and covid infections; fraudulent clinical trials, and so on, but none has been reported in the Italian media.