Some thoughts on language technology

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I have been recently in talks with several research projects and private companies who are in the language technology/AI field. In several first world countries (excluding the idiot belt of course) the field is huge. More than once I have now encountered a situation in which not one qualified candidate has shown up for an open position in this field, yet the career possibilities are practically unlimited.

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Youth unemployment, populism and socialist utopias

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Over half of the young Italians voted for one of the populist parties that now came into power in Italy. Why did they vote so recklessly?

In the EU, and most likely in the whole West, approximately 30% of the young are unemployed. How is it possible that the people with the most physical stamina, intellectual energy, power and new ideas, people who should establish families and make children, people whose brains are still working properly, are rotting at home with nothing to do?

In any normal times, they would be the one doing all the work; the old would be at home. But these are not normal times.

We know why everything is upside down. There is a gigantic suck that drains all the energy and channels it to the old. It taxes 60-70% of everything ever happens, and then maintains huge bureaucracies, pensions, utopian projects, massive indoctrination regimes and other megalomanic projects. All this on a scale never seen before in history.

And because not even the 60-70% is enough for its megalomania, these governments now accumulate debts and print money to fund everything; debts that you, the young, are supposed to pay later – on the top of everything else. Will you?

So, everybody sees that things aren’t going well. Yet, these same young people also think that socialism is the answer. In other words, they want even more of the same.

“Socialism” is a term that has been misused. If you think of socialism in the sense of Marx, for example, it means workers’ (and not capital’s) control of production.  That is not the same as totalitarian state, welfare utopia, universal basic income, 70% taxation, printing of free money, or Stalin’s Soviet Union. It means that those who work in an enterprise control and own it and share whatever it produces. But the young people are not looking for this system. They are looking for a world in which everything is free.

And that is exactly what we have today.

Can’t you see that this just is the ingenious thinking behind the system in which everybody is sucking everybody else by using government coercion as a tool?

Here’s how the baby boomers figured it out: “Hey, looks like I’m going to retire. I really haven’t saved enough for a nice and comfortable pension . . .  Better suck the next generation.”

So our pension contributions skyrocketed.

And the bureaucrats: “Looks like there’s not enough resources to provide comfortable living. Why not to print more? Why not to tax houses, cars, televisions, Internet, all sales; why not to tax housing purchases, emissions? Why not to add “solidarity tax” for the rich? Let’s add “freedom tax” for the poor. We should also consider an “Internet tax”. Indeed, why not to tax everything that anybody ever has to do.”

And the rich and entrepreneurs: “I can’t afford these taxes. Can you pay me in cash?”

And so here we are today. The young are the losers in this game because they have no power.

I’m worried, because this type of socialism is the exact wrong answer to our problems.

Instead, the massive bureaucracies and megalomanic government schemes have to be scaled back, so that a normal person can, by using his or her honest labour, afford a decent life. This massive bureaucratization of everything that has been going on for the last century just did not work.

But when the real power transfer finally occurs, and the system breaks down, can the young realize this?

Or do we repeat history?

The Giant and the Watchtower

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Just a quick notice, I was now able to upload the whole composition “The Giant and the Watchtower” into YT where you can now listen to it if you are interested in this type of sound, so here’s the link. I don’t know any genre label for this style. It tries to follow the underlining story quite faithfully. This is a composition I did with my friend Mogens Friis, and it is done with ancient archological instruments that were digged from the ground and reconstructed. Mogens is playing them here with the exception of the 6-string lyra that I play in the beginning. I’ll write about this project later next week. But overall this has been a very difficult journey, from emotional exhaustion into very nasty depression. Some of the parts were overwhelming to me, so I also lost all objectivity. (This happens in difficult scientific research also sometimes.) It follows the story of Völuspá and thus begins slowly and then continuously gathers strenght as the story develops.

Physical exercise and mental wellbeing

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What is Maximalist Running 620.jpgAlthough you probably don’t read this blog for any artistic reasons, art, like physical exercise, is a source for mental health and wellbeing for me. They counterbalance all the reading and sitting I am doing continuously, and all the things that tend spiral my thoughts into negativity. But have you ever noticed that when you exercise, such as run outdoors, it is impossible to think negative thoughts? They just disappear. Read More

Natural language processing and modern algorithmic censorship

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More and more YouTube channels and videos I used to watch are getting “strikes,” and are therefore on their way out. These platforms will, in the end, be sterilized, like the television and radio once were. It will consist of entertainment, 5-minute life hacks, and politically correct messages, information that our rules want us to see. Everything else must move somewhere else. The purpose is to prevent the masses to know what’s going on, so they can be sucked out of their wealth and lifes. In this post, I’ll explain how modern censorship works at a technical level. Maybe this is of interest to somebody. I will keep it simple. Read More

A spy story

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This post was inspired by Rob Slane’s original blog post, found here. Remember when it came out that one of the reasons Trump and his campaign was spied by FBI was the fake “dossier” composed by people associated with British intelligence and paid by the Clinton cabal. It was from this manufactured dossier that we learned the ridiculous claim, reported in this blog as well, that Trump had performed “golden showers” over prostitutes in the same hotel room where Barack Obama had stayed in Moscow.

Would you be interested to know, then, that Mr. Skripal, the man who was poisoned in the UK few months back, happened to work for the same British intelligence that produced that fake dossier. Read More